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BMS offers customized strategic services for the device, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries for clients at all stages of clinical development and marketing.
BMS’s mission is to assist its clients in bringing their innovative medical products to the market more expeditiously and profitably by enabling companies to outsource a wide variety of services:  Regulatory Services necessary for product approval, Clinical Studies, Medical Economics, Reimbursement Strategy, Market Research, Competitive Intelligence.

One thing seems clear in today’s evolving biomedical market: top scientists and secure funding are not enough.  Success demands new criteria.  Among these is pharmacoeconomics, as payers increasingly scrutinize costs, and an effective, proactive reimbursement strategy is a crucial but sometimes overlooked step, considering that third-party coverage, coding, and payment policies determine the timeline to significant revenue.

Dr. Frederick Cahn leads BMS; he has over 40 years of experience in business and product development, market research, competitive analysis, product launches, reimbursement, government relations, scientific research, invention, and general technology.