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Clinical Trial Strategy

Outsourced Clinical Studies, Clinical Trial Strategy, Planning, Analysis & Economics
Clinical studies are the key to achieving acceptance of new technologies and medical treatments for regulatory authorities and reimbursement coverage, formulary acceptance, and physician utilization. Success in clinical studies can be achieved only by excellence and attention to detail in clinical protocols and statistical plans.

BMS Goal for Clinical Studies
BMS designs clinical studies that address medical-economic issues in addition to the safety and efficacy data required by regulatory agencies.
1. Clinical Trial Design and Strategy
2. Clinical Protocols, Statistical Plans, Selection of Patient Population
3. Clinical Data Entry
4. Data Management
5. Data Analysis
6. Customized Software for Patient-Level Data Collection
The BMS Difference in Outsourced Clinical Studies
1. BMS clinical services are built on strategic planning
2. BMS addresses reimbursement and marketing issues as an integral part of the development process while focusing on the safety and efficacy data needed for regulatory approval
3. BMS expertise in clinical statistics ensures the soundness of our clients’ statistical plans and analysis

BMS works with our clients to help control costs while delivering results on schedule.