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Your Success in Reimbursement

Reimbursement is critical to market success for medical products that are administered in hospitals or clinics. BMS advises planning for reimbursement at every stage of product development. Reimbursement issues, such as whether new or existing medical codes are appropriate, affect regulatory choices in product claims and labeling and whether to prepare 510(k) vs. de novo or PMA applications.

These issues affect clinical studies, including indication for use, patient population, and clinical endpoints. In addition, reimbursement needs frequently entail the collection of data on medical economics during clinical studies. A lack of appropriate and convincing economic data can add years to your timeline for profitability.

BMS Goal for Reimbursement Services is to provide strategies and solutions to help our clients achieve favorable coverage decisions and adequate product payment. 

1. Reimbursement assessment
2. Outcomes studies, reports, and publications
3. Medical economic studies and modeling
4. Applications for new HCPCS, CPT, and ICD-10-CM codes
5. Coverage policy proposals and technology assessment reports
6. Proposals to Medicare and other payers to address outmoded classifications
7. Product awareness with key administrators and thought leaders.

The BMS Difference in Reimbursement Services

1. BMS offers a comprehensive approach that considers reimbursement issues at all stages of the product lifecycle
2. BMS helps clients strategically evaluate coding, coverage, and payment issues for their impact on physicians, hospital administrators, and third-party payers
3. BMS helps clients understand how product design, clinical needs, regulatory decisions, and marketing plans affect reimbursement levels and timelines for profitability
4. BMS stays current on changing health care policies.